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Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Kozy Affiliate Program!!

Over the years SO many of you have told us about how, when you are out with your little one in the Kozy, you get stopped numerous times by people asking questions, wanting to know what the Kozy is, where they can get one etc.  And of course, as fans, knowing the benefits of babywearing, y'all are always eager to share the Kozy love with others.  We know how important word of mouth is.  And now we want you to know how important you are to us.  So finally, after discussing this for a long time, we have figured out a way for us to thank YOU for taking the time to share us with your friends, family, and all those strangers who stop you in stores and on the street.

So we have devised this affiliate program.  Basically, you give out "coupons" to friends, family, strangers whom you think will be interested in, or could benefit from wearing their little ones in the Kozy.  The benefit for them is that, if they have this coupon, they can get a rebate on their purchase of a Kozy.  The benefit for you?  Well,  for everyone who buys a Kozy using the coupon you gave them, YOU get a rebate too!!

Go HERE for more information and to sign up to get your affiliate number (so that we know who you are).

Wearing your baby, sharing the love and making some money . . . doesn't get much better than that (well, at least in my world, LOL)