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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally! Dagyn's Unassisted Waterbirth Story

Well after some computer issues (where I lost the story and had to retype it all UGH) and some internet issues (several days where it was out) and some blog issues (basically it is a PITA to put pictures in with text in blogger) I FINALLY have the birth story posted!!

It is long (not the birth, the story) because I record all my thoughts/feelings and the events. I find that the more I do it, the more I want to record everything so I can 'relive' it when I read it years later.

I had mentioned that I was splitting the blog in two.  I am keeping this blog for all the Kozy related stuff and updates (and there are plenty to share) but I started a new blog where I could focus on just the opinion, craft, family, natural living, birth etc. stuff (and there is even MORE of that to share, LOL).  I felt like it was getting all mixed up with everything here on this blog.  I imported all the relevant posts from here to there, though I will leave them here on this site for a while longer.

I figured Dagyn's Birth Story could be the first new post over there. I have lots of birth pictures and video stills. So go check it out if you dare (or have time for a novel) . . . 

And come follow me over there (as of right now, since it is new, I have 0 followers . . . so lonely . . . LOL).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dagyn Beannacht Mason

 Thanks everyone for the kind words and congrats!!  We are really enjoying our little guy!  On his 1 week birthday last night we all laid hands on him and thanked God for a safe birth, a healthy baby and for future health and happiness for him.

A minute or so after birth
 I have been informed (thanks KM) that I neglected to announce the name we chose for our little one! (bad Kelley, bad Kelley).  At about 2 days old we settled on Dagyn Beannacht.  
With his placenta, a few hours after birth
Dagyn is pronounced Day-gin (like Meagan).  There are many different ways you can spell it and apparently each spelling can also be pronounced differently.  This spelling is often pronounced like da-jin but that was a bit 'Sweedish' for us so we are sticking with pronouncing it our way.  The name is Hebrew for 'grain or wheat' or gaelic for 'dark haired'. Since neither of those applied to our Dagyn we went with the Gaelic word Beannacht, which means "blessing".  It is pronounced like Bannock but with a "t" at the end.

first bath, less than 1 day old

I have really enjoyed my week in bed!  I am pretty sad the week is over, it went by WAY too fast.  I loved just cuddling up with him and nursing and having everyone take care of me and bring me food (and we have SO much great food here . . . which is good because I am always very hungry and everything tastes SO good!!).  I plan to continue to take it easy for as long as possible.
We actually went out for the first time today.  We went by a friends house, the chiropractor, and to JoAnns so I could get some fabric to make him a baby blanket.  I usually love going out with my newborns and showing them off to people.  But I was really anxious to come home and crawl in bed and cuddle again.

1st picture of the family together . . . 1 day after birth
Hopefully this weekend I can get the new blog up and running, get some 'stills' off of the video camera and get the birth story (which is pretty much finished) posted.

It is March 10! Today is my EDD!

(been trying to post this all day, but my internet went out so it is going out a bit late).

I figured I'd still be pregnant today, but instead I have this . . . .

And if I were to still be pregnant, I suppose it would be something like this . . .

Still working on the birth story.  Just because the labor was shorter apparently doesn't mean my story is, LOL! For those of you who have read my birth stories, you know that they are like novels!  I am so long winded but I just want to make sure I get all my thoughts and feelings down so I don't forget them. 

I'll try to post more pictures soon though, assuming my internet doesn't crap out on me again, ugh.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a BOY!! and baby/pregnancy pictures

Yes, another boy!  That makes 5 boys (and 1 girl).  
 Born unassisted at home in the water (dad and most of the kids were right there, the little ones and Grammy missed it by less than a minute . . . though granted, after pushing for over 2 hrs I didn't give them much 'heads up' when it was finally time, so only the fastest ones made it in the room LOL!!).
My earliest baby, born at 39 wks exactly.  Weighing 8.4 and 22 1/4" long with a 14 inch head.  I had wanted to go late but thank goodness I didn't!!  He would have been over 9lbs!  No name yet, we'll figure that one out soon.

I should be able to get the birth story out within a week.  I had been planning on splitting up this blog into 2.  One for the opinion/personal stuff and then keeping this one for just the Kozy related stuff where I can put all the updates and new stuff (because we have new stuff I have neglected to post about).  So I am thinking if I can get my act together I can start the new blog with the birth story (I have already duplicated most of my non-kozy posts from here, over there)  We'll see.  But I'll let y'all know.

Anyway I had this whole post planned out with all my pregnancy pictures.  I was going to post it yesterday at 39 wks but . . well, I had a baby instead. LOL.  So I am going to go ahead and post all the pictures since I already had them downloaded and in here ready to post.

So I had a professional photographer come over on Tues (just 2 days before he was born) to take pregnancy pictures.  It was FREE because she wanted more photos for her portfolio . . . score for me!!

 I am 38.5 wks in these . . . little did I know that in 2 days . . . 

Here are pictures of my belly/baby growing.  I was trying to be really good to take pictures consistently this time, with the same clothes and the same pose.  It is so cool being able to go back and see the body changing, AND to compare my body/belly from this last pregnancy to the others.

12 wks

16 wks

20 wks

24 wks

28 wks

32 wks

36 wks

38 wks