*** Important Update**** I have split this blog into two. I am keeping this site for all the Kozy Carrier related information and updates, and I started a new blog for all the other stuff (family stuff, thoughts on parenting, birth, natural living, crafts, recipes etc). I have imported all the relevant posts from this blog over there. So come check it out www.entergentlyblog.blogspot.com

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally! Dagyn's Unassisted Waterbirth Story

Well after some computer issues (where I lost the story and had to retype it all UGH) and some internet issues (several days where it was out) and some blog issues (basically it is a PITA to put pictures in with text in blogger) I FINALLY have the birth story posted!!

It is long (not the birth, the story) because I record all my thoughts/feelings and the events. I find that the more I do it, the more I want to record everything so I can 'relive' it when I read it years later.

I had mentioned that I was splitting the blog in two.  I am keeping this blog for all the Kozy related stuff and updates (and there are plenty to share) but I started a new blog where I could focus on just the opinion, craft, family, natural living, birth etc. stuff (and there is even MORE of that to share, LOL).  I felt like it was getting all mixed up with everything here on this blog.  I imported all the relevant posts from here to there, though I will leave them here on this site for a while longer.

I figured Dagyn's Birth Story could be the first new post over there. I have lots of birth pictures and video stills. So go check it out if you dare (or have time for a novel) . . . 

And come follow me over there (as of right now, since it is new, I have 0 followers . . . so lonely . . . LOL).


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