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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Panel or Bling Kozy anyone?

Some of you may (or may not) have seen or remember the panel and bling Kozys I used to make.  For those who don't know what they are . . . 

Panel Kozys are chainstitched silk panels hand made in Kashmir that I put with 100% cotton velveteen to make Kozys. (above right)

Bling Kozys are panels that are made with metal type of material coiled into patterns on top of velveteen, which I also pair with 100% cotton velveteen. (above left)

They are time consuming to make and though I made over 100 of them, I haven't made any in a couple years for lack of time (for some reason, having more children takes up more time AND energy . . . what is up with that?  LOL).  
You can see pictures of over 90 of them (made and sold already) here www.silkkozy.homestead.com

silk panel on red velveteen
I had a friend ask me to make one for her baby (due like a month before 
 mine) and I was like . . . I think I can manage that.  So I went into my sling/fabric closet to see what I had and realized that I have got all these velveteen straps made up, and all these panels (over 40 of the silk, not counting the blings) that have just been sitting on the shelves for like 2 yrs.  And with Christmas coming up I thought that maybe I could find time to make a few if people wanted them.  I used to charge between $120-150 but considering the fact that I know money is tight for everyone, I would probably only ask $100 (plus shipping ;0).  

silk panel on teal velveteen
silk panel on maroon velveteen

 Soooo, if anyone is interested (or know someone who may be) shoot me an e-mail and we can see what I have available and what I may be able to manage to do ;0) [email protected]
gold bling on black velveteen
Arah (6 now) in my olive panel kozy



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