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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RED straps and New Limited Edition Patriotic Prints!!

So we just flew back home yesterday.  I have been gone all week at the Babywearing Conference in Rigby Idaho.  We had a blast!!!  Such a beautiful area of the country out there!! (and much nicer weather than muggy VA, ugh).  I'll post info and pictures from the conference soon. 

But for now let me introduce to you . . . .



Just in time for the 4th!!  Both can be put on natural or new RED canvas. 
(for a limited time, red is in short supply around here)

 Here is our sister Kim and her daughter Shiloh (who is 6 wks younger than Thrace), with Kristi and Jackson (yes he is getting big!)

Order by June 25 to ensure delivery by July 4th.

Click HERE for more information


We also have a new fabric that I love . . . . .

Owl Trap

Here is Jackson cruisn in an Owl Trap on black canvas

I have it on brown and I wore it at the conference more than any other print!  Love it!
You can see more of it HERE

So anyway, I woke up sick this morning and though I feel a little better now I am still a bit out of it (headache, tired, achy etc.).  But I will get some pictures and stuff from our trip when I can.  I am just SO glad I wasn't sick like this yesterday flying home . . . that would have been horrible (I try to avoid airplane bathrooms if at all possible, LOL)


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