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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Kozy Fabrics

So, what happens when you run out of prints that are not re-orderable?  You have to get new ones! (that is the fun part!!)  We just recently got these in so we haven't had time to take action pictures yet . . . but soon.  You can find them at the site HERE

So introducing . . .


We like to always have a couple stripes available, and this one would look great with all 3 strap colors, especially natural and brown!


We had several animal prints to choose from but went with Zebra because we have never done it before and thought it would rock on a Kozy bodh with natural or brown!

Burnt Chimney

Another earth toned print to replace our popular stony creek.

And a new

I have offered camo's from the very beginning, not just because Charlie likes them (I have an old camo I wore almost daily 6 yrs ago) but I just like the option as something less feminine and 'trendy'.  I feel like we can't be without one but we like to mix up the colors.  We have never done one mostly green before so this one was perfect to go with any color canvas.

Pink Straps!!
Another added bonus is that we have some of our pink ribbon straps/bodies left over from our limited Breast Cancer Awareness Kozy!  They have the ribbon embroidered on the strap and for a limited time you can pair them with any print on the site (well as long as it will go with pink). 
Hmmm, I am thinking Hideaway Cove w/ pink straps?

The perks for me are that I 'can' have any Kozy I want!!  The hard thing is NOT having a Kozy made for myself out of every print.  Right now my Pulaski on brown Kozy is getting the most use around here.  But I am really digging the Quantico and Dundee as I am previewing this post, LOL!!


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