Thursday, September 3, 2009

WooHoo!! New hip Kozy prints and now . . . solids!!

Hideaway Cove

Sorry, I just love that print!! I can't take credit for it though, my little sister Karla found these (and took the pictures! Ya she rocks!!). And yes, of course I had to keep one of these for myself (haven't gotten a picture of it yet unfortunately). New month, new prints!! So we have 3 of these that we have just added to the site! (and below are pictures of a couple more REALLY cool ones we have in the works) Check them out . . .

This is Hideaway Cove, dark gray skulls with pink decor on ivory!!

Yes, those are sock monkeys!! (and they look to be very active, LOL)
This print is Prince George.

This is Byrdton. Whimsical multicolor birds
So swing on over to the Kozy website to check them out!!

And FINALLY, after talking about it for like 2 yrs, we have solids!! I know some people don't like prints because they are either busy or they don't feel like they will match their wardrobe etc. So we have added some solid colors that will go with any of our 3 canvas colors (natural, black and chocolate).

I like solids because that way if I wear a printed or striped top or something, the solid will coordinate but since it isn't a print it won't clash with my shirt.

I have the Olive on Chocolate canvas (Thrace is just a few days old in this picture). Though I probably want one of each color, LOL!!

Coming soon
Tanglewood and Pulaski
(see more pictures at the Kozy site)

Yay!! I am just excited about all of these so I wanted to share!!
Hope y'all like them too!


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I like Byrdton!!

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Ooooh love the solids!

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